Meridian Hive

Meridian Hive Cherry Mead


Meridian Hive hails from Austin, Texas and specializes in mead. They only use the finest pure honey from their partner apiary and real fruit. Refreshing and complex, this is a warming and mouthwatering mead made with plump, dark cherries and all-natural vanilla, cinnamon, and almond. 

Meridian Hive

Meridian Hive was founded nearly 15 years ago in Austin, Texas by Mike Simmons and Eric Lowe, friends who share a passion for biodiversity, brewing, and winemaking. They specialize in mead, only using the finest pure honey from their partner apiary, as well as real fruit. Their logo is a bee, an effort to raise consciousness about declining bee populations and the impact on global agriculture, and the company strives to set the standard for award-winning, artisanal meads.


Austin, TX

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