Domaine du Moulin

Mauzac Pet Nat NV

750 ml
  • Organic

Just 1300 cases of this critically acclaimed pet nat from Domaine du Moulin and Nicolas Hrissou. Produced from 100% Mauzac in southwestern France and filled with aromas of bruised orchard fruit, pear cider, and apple compote with hints of toasty, warm spice, this wine is a mouthwatering aperitif that also shines with or in place of desserts. Organic. 

Domaine du Moulin

Located on both banks of the Tarn River, surrounding the historical town of Gaillac, the 38 hectares of the 300 year-old Domaine du Moulin combine mineral-rich limestone-clay and gravelly soils and carefully nurtured vines. The advantageous combination of the two lands produces both fat and fruity wines on clay-limestone soils, and finessed and tannic wines produced on gravelly soil. Great care is taken to work the soil and vine management in a reasoned way out of respect for nature. The wine is certified organic and is undergoing the 3 year process of becoming certified Agriculture Biologique. A strict control of yields, 40 to 45 hectoliters per hectare, and even 25 hectoliters for red wine Florentin, followed by individual fermentation per plot, brings character to each finished wine. 


Gaillac, France

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