Materne & Schmitt

Materne & Schmitt Wunschkind Riesling 2020

  • Woman Maker

Materne & Schmitt, two incredibly devoted female winemakers operating out of the Mosel, one of Germany’s most prestigious terroirs. This dynamic duo make Riesling exclusively from steep sloped or terraced slate vineyards, with all work done by hand. They allow no manipulation in their wine. All grapes are hand-selected and macerated on the skins without sulphur. No additions, reductions or fining of any kind occur. “Wunschkind” or “wish child” is the name for Materne & Schmitt's first wine, offering up tender apricot and lemon with a touch of wet stone. Nimble and lively with acidity this Riesling is an instant modern classic and the care from these winemakers is evident in the bottle.

Materne & Schmitt

Rebecca Materne and Janina Schmitt are the dynamic duo behind Materne & Schmitt, in Germany's famous—and famously difficulty to farm Mosel region. The town of Winningen is their home base, where are the vineyards are south-facing, steep-sloped or terraced.


Mosel, Germany

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