Markus Huls

Markus Huls Estate Mosel Riesling 2019

Markus Hüls is part of the vanguard of young winemakers whose goal is to turn traditional Mosel wines upside down. Blending modern, sustainable vineyard practices with ancestral winemaking philosophies, Huls creates fruity, mineral-driven wines that echo his passion for the craft. Case in point, This lively estate-grown Riesling, which opens with aromas of citrus, green apple, white pepper and flint. The wine is lively and balanced of palate, with added notes of ginger and white peach. Try it with sashimi, spicy foods, or on its own as an aperitif.

Markus Huls

Markus Hüls counts to a new generation of young vintners who fundamentally turn traditional ideas of Mosel wine upside down. The young winemaker puts his winery, stating in part from his parent's winery, consistently successful while pioneering new courses. Modern management techniques in the vineyard work is just as important for him as a traditional wine maturation stylistic. Moldy Moselle romanticism you'll search in vain at Markus Hüls. Quite the contrary - with respect for nature, region and tradition the young winemaker incomparably creates his very own and modern style of Moselle wine. Fine fruity, mineral wines made with an extra-large dose of passion and enthusiasm.


Mosel, Germany

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