Bresca Dorada

Limoncino du Muravera


Limoncino du Muravera is their answer to Limoncello, and is filled with the intoxicating perfume of lemons picked in the Sarrabus, infused with locally made neutral spirit, then sweetened with just a bit of sugar and water. It’s delicious chilled as an aperitif and a great addition to gin, vodka, and even tequila cocktails.

Bresca Dorada

Paolo Melis and Enrico Diana started Bresca Dorada in 1986, in the wild inland countryside of Sardinia, near Muravera. They were both from the city of Cagliari, and had met at a bee-keeping course. They started with honey, of course, and other bee-related products, then became known for their stunning homemade fruit liqueurs.



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