Château de Laubade

Laubade Armagnac 2001


Aged in Gascony oak barrels, and presented in an antique bottle and a beautiful wooden box that makes this Argmagnac brandy a gift above all others. With its unparalleled rich, round texture and perfect balance between fruit, spice and wooded notes, this is undoubtedly the best of the best.

Château de Laubade

Chateau de Laubade was founded in 1870, in the heart of Bas Armagnac, widely regarded as the best terroir for producing rich, luxurious brandies. Today, the third generation of the Lesgourgues family is at the helm with a vested interest in sustainability as they care for their 260 acres single vineyard plot. On top of sourcing their own grapes that they tend to and farm to their uniquely high standards, they also make all their barrels on-site from trees grown on their land. The care and craft that goes into each aspect of production of this exceptional Armagnac shines through in the final product leaving you with a rich, unique spirit quite unlike any other.


Armagnac, France

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