Château Cambon

La Cuvee du Chat 2021

  • Biodynamic

Jean-Claude Chanudet is one of the movers and shakers in the natural wine world at large, and Beaujolais in particular. He follows a similar philosophy to the greats of Beaujolais: with very little interference in the vineyard and the cellar, not using any chemicals and additives, and minimal sulphur. Only indigenous yeasts are used in the cellar, and a long, slow carbonic maceration gives the suppleness and softness for which Chanudet’s cuvées have become known. Originally classified as Beaujolais-Villages, “La Cuvee du Chat” drinks more like a Brouilly, featuring ripe, snappy red berries and stemmy sweet and savory herbs and crisp, balanced acidity. It’s a gorgeous partner for everything from salads to burgers.

Château Cambon


Chateau Cambon began as a project of three friends in Beaujolais: the late Marcel Lapierre, Marie Lapierre and Jean-Claude Chanudet. The trio purchased a 13-hectare parcel of vineyards upon realizing that, despite being designated outside the grand cru status, it held prestige beyond title due to its unique mixed soil composition. Following the organic practices they began so long ago, today Marie Lapierre and Jean-Claude Chanudet have been conducting the work to new heights.



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