Intense Ginger Liqueur

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Barrow's Intense ginger liqueur is produced in Industry City using cane spirit and a LOT of fresh grated ginger. The result is a delicious—and yes, intense—product with subtle lemon candy sweetness and aromatic spice. Sneak a little into a whiskey sour and you'll be pleasantly surprised, or lengthen it with club soda as a ginger beer substitute in a Dark & Stormy, Moscow Mule or Pimm's Cup.

Barrow's Intense

Barrow's Intense is a lot of things: A tasting room in Industry City, a distillery collaborating with other New York producers like Blue Marble and Li-Lac Chocolates, a den of mixology magic. But mainly, they make ginger liqueur using mountains of fresh ginger and not much else, and it's as intense as their label says it is.


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