Pichler Krutzler

In der Wand 2017


Pichler Krutzler wines are distinctive, soulful and strong in character, and the ‘In Der Wand’ Riesling is no exception. Cool mornings and warm afternoons combined with the rocky soils create wonderful depth and tension in this expression. Laser-focused with gripping minerality. Bursting with crisp white peach on the nose and palate, leading into a lingering sublime finish this is an excellent partner for seafood, grilled herb chicken or spicy vegetable curry.

Pichler Krutzler

Born from Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler and Erich Krutzler’s firm belief that honest, quality wines are made from simple, strong foundational elements, Pichler-Krutzler was founded in 2007. Nestled in the unique landscape of the river Danube, all their sites are cultivated sustainably with an emphasis on respecting and preserving nature. In the cellar, this husband and wife team opt for minimal intervention practices, choosing to permit the influence of terroir and nature mold the wines in unique and honest ways. 



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