Hendrick's NEPTUNIA Gin

750 ml
Hendrick's Neptunia is a limited release that captures the magic of the sea, in a gin. Ms. Lesley Gracie's creation is as refreshing as her muse, the mighty waves that lash the Ayrshire coast. Infused with an exquisite blend of locally sourced coastal botanicals and with a remarkable crisp citrus finish. This gin is a captivating base for classic gin cocktails. It lends the G&T a refreshing seaside spin and enhances the citrus zing of the Gin Gimlet.


Each batch of Hendrick's Gin is crafted just 500 thoughtful liters at a time. It is how the company started in 1999 and how it will remain, and allows Master Distiller Lesley Gracie greater control of her careful artistry. Hendrick's does their distilling in two completely different types of still, for a harmonious combination that creates an unusually smooth gin like no other, with the required character and balance of subtle flavours. 


United Kingdom

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