The Glenlivet

Glenlivet Old Fashioned Cocktail

375 ml

Experience the new way to cocktail. Indulge in a premium crafted experience without the hassle of leftover ingredients, complex recipes, or bar equipment. Crafted to preserve the beloved flavors of the #1 whisky cocktail, this Old Fashioned has a smooth and silky palate with hints of orange, cinnamon, and nutmeg notes. Simply twist the cap, watch the infusion, and pour over ice with a fresh orange peel. Fantastic for nights spent curled up under a blanket with a good book.

The Glenlivet

Continuing founder George Smith's vision to break traditions, set new standards, and move things forward, The Glenlivet delivers unique single malts and whiskey cocktails to all. These values can be seen in their selection of exceptional casks, finishes, and spirits. 


Scotland, United Kingdom

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