Col di Luna

"Flora" Rosato Spumante NV

750 ml
Flora Rosato comes from the local grape variety called Raboso, a trifecta of spice, brambly fruit, and a rather energetic acidity! The wine is fermented with a slight maceration on the skins for 12 hours, and then continues to ferment in the tank. Once the wine settles, the producer transfers the juice to the bottle, where it finishes fermentation and creates the magic fizz. This is the traditional col fondo style, and you’ll notice a bit of ‘fondo’, or sediment, in the bottle.

Col di Luna

Love for making wine has been a part of the family heritage of Col di Luna since the 1780s, when Antonio Maria Casagrande Cosmo moved from Venice to the hills north of the city and planted the first vineyard. Since then, the family has been dedicated to growing the traditional local grapes. Nestled at the foot of the Dolomites, this beautiful and unique terroir has enormous potential for the production of distinctive great sparkling wines. The makers at Col di Luna turn that potential into mastery. They don’t just produce wine, they live it.


Veneto, Italy

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