Fatalone Teres Primitivo 2021


This light bodied red wine is similar in color to an intense rose, with all the structure and profile of a delicious Primitivo red wine. Intended to be enjoyed while chilled, especially during the warm summer months, this wine is lively and brilliant with red fruit aromas. On the palate, there is a balance of cherries and berries, with rich minerality to round it out. Enjoy with fried food, summer salads, roasted beef, pizza, and grilled veggies. 



A small family winery, located on a hill in Gaudella, Italy that is well-aired with lots of sunlight. The passion for Primitivo grapes has been passed down for the last five generations in the Petrera family, along with the words, "Who loves and respects Nature, loves God and himself." Certified organic, their respect for nature has been a part of the winery from the beginning and has resulted in wines worth indulging in. 



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