Dunites Wine Co.

Dunites Albarino SLO Coast 2021

Lively and fresh, with a touch of effervescence, this medium-bodied Albarino hails from one of the U.S.’ newest AVAs San Luis Obispo Coast, recognized in March, 2022. Zesty and flavorful, yet relaxed on the palate, with a core of honeyed melon and stone fruit, the wine is a great match for pasta or rice dishes, seafood, and even appetizers. Sustainably produced, bottled unfined and unfiltered, and with minimal sulfites added. 

Dunites Wine Co.

Dunites Wine Company is named after an eclectic group from the 1930s known as the Dunites who settled in the beach dunes of San Luis Obispo county. This group proudly described themselves as a collection of free thinkers and artists who generally allowed one another to live and express themselves freely. Drawing inspiration for this project from the remote beauty of the coastal dunes and the progressive ambition of the Dunites of old, Dunites Wine Co. aspires towards a clear goal; to produce elegant wines that respect the coastal influence of vineyard sites located on the uplifted seafloor and ancient sand dunes of the SLO Coast. They are also members of 1% for the Planet, an association of small businesses that donate 1% of their revenues to efforts that protect and restore our natural environment.


Califorinia, United States

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