Rihaku Shuzo

Dreamy Clouds Sake


Generally, sake is filtered after the rice has finished fermentation. With Nigori, the "cloudy" style of sake, the sake is left unfiltered, resulting in a fuller, wilder, more textured drink. Plums and nuts on the nose, you'll find an ever-so-slightly sweet flavor on the palate. Great for spicier dishes.

Rihaku Shuzo

Named for famous Chinese poet Li Bai—known in Japan as Rihaku—Rihaku Shuzo was founded in 1882 in Matsue City in Shimane, although it was not until 1928 that the company adopted the name Rihaku. Li Bai lived from 701 to 762, a kind, open-minded, wandering poet that was famous for drinking a lot before writing. He was known to have said, "I drink a bottle, and can write 100 poems." Several of Rihaku's sakes are named with phrases from the great poet's words.


Shimane, Japan

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