Nevio Scala

Diletto Garganega 2019

750 ml
  • Organic
This 100% organically produced Garganega is golden yellow in the glass, with tantalizing aromas of almonds and elderflower. It also has subtle notes of yellow apple and slight citrus, with a lingering finish. Enjoy with asparagus salad, carbonara pasta, and seafood.

Nevio Scala

Located in the village of Lozzo Atestino (Padova) in the Veneto region, Nevio Scala is the 3rd generation member of the family estate. The farm is located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, in the Italian province of Padova. The Scalas adopt organic agricultural practices that do not involve the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilization products and that avoids excessive exploitation of natural resources, within a model of sustainable development – economically, biologically, but also socially as part of corporate responsibility. The Scala estate is a proud member of the Vinnatur association which gathers 170 natural growers from 9 different European countries. The protocol to be followed is pretty strict and controls are tight with wines’ lab analyses constantly done by the board.


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