Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Prohibition Blend

750 ml
The second in their whisky family, Prohibition was released 80 years after the end of the era it’s named after. A warm golden color of early morning sunshine setting the heavens on fire, Prohibition Blend is super smooth with soft lingering warmth and subtle hints of spice. It has complex layers of soft ripe citrus fruits, dipped in fresh honey and dusted with fragrant spices. With creamy mouth-coating richness, hints of toffee with mouth-wateringly playful peppery notes, Prohibition delightfully tingles on your tongue. It’s a rich and robust whisky, perfect for cocktails or to set the mood for those more meaningful get-togethers.

Cutty Sark

The whisky itself might hail from the Scottish Highlands, but they're a brand that lives and breathes city life. Originating in London, Cutty Sark broke the whisky drinking rules and brought something completely different to bars and homes. With a lighter taste and a lighter color than what came before it, their refreshing whisky was made for experimenting with.


Scotland, United Kingdom

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