Antica Terra

Coriolis Pinot Noir 2019

750 ml
  • Organic
  • Woman Maker

Coriolis is a force of nature, an expressive, ripe, and spicy Pinot Noir with plush aromas of red berries and plums. Named for the French scientist who first coined this term that describes the way in which the earth's natural movements can be used to generate power, this red is produced by Oregon's Antica Terra winery, and all profits from this line are donated to charity. The main idea: like a water wheel harnesses a natural force to generate something more powerful, producing Coriolis wine is Antica Terra's way of turning what they do into a force for the greater good. The palate is rich and round, with easy charm and drinkability, and notes of sweet black cherries, raspberries, florals, and a hint of toffee and meatiness. Enjoy alongside chicken, mushroom dishes, and potato au gratin. 

Antica Terra

Antica Terra (meaning “ancient Earth” in Latin) is an 11-acre vineyard located on a rocky hillside in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Founded in 1989, the winery’s name is a nod to the unique geology of the region. In most of the region, vineyards are planted in the relatively deep, geologically young soils left behind by either the Missoula floods or the volcanic events that formed the Cascade Range. In this place, the remains of a far older pre-historic seabed rise to the surface, leaving the vines to struggle, without topsoil, amongst a fractured mixture of sandstone sown with fossilized oyster shells. All farming is done organically and carefully supevised by winemaker Maggie Harrison (formerly of Sine Qua Non in Ventura, CA).


Willamette Valley, Oregon

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