Col Vetoraz

Col Vetoraz Brut Prosecco 2021

The Treviso foothills, and especially the hills that run from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, have for centuries proven their pedigree for the cultivation of vines and exceptional winemaking. This full-bodied, dry Prosecco is no exception. Notes of mulberry and honeyed white blossoms tease the nose, and expand across the palate with grace, finishing long with extraordinary balance. A great way to take mimosas and celebrations of all sizes to new heights.

Col Vetoraz

The area that produces Valdobbiadene DOCG and Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG lies in the midst of the hills of Valdobbiadene; the mountains that overlook them shelter the area from the north winds and give the zone the appearance of an immense amphitheatre. It is here that Col Vetoras was founded in 1993 by Francesco Miotto, with agronomist Paolo De Bortoli and winemaker Loris Dall’Acqua. Today, with more than 250 awards achieved and the recognition of the winemaking world, Col Vetoraz has indisputably become a reference point in the distinctive identity and reputation for excellence of this magnificent land.


Veneto, Italy

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