Mezcal Origen Raiz

Cenizo Mezcal

375 ml
  • Organic
This is premium mezcal with not just heart, but also soul. Rancho El Ojo is a pristine ranch in Durango and the birthplace of Origen Raiz. It is owned by the Saravia family, Zapoteco mezcaleros, who act as stewards of the land to conserve the balance and rejuvenate the health of the grassland ecosystem. The agave used in this mezcal are organically farmed, smoked in underground ovens, crushed by mule-drawn tahona, fermented in open-air oak tanks, and double distilled in copper stills. On the nose, this mezcal, crafted from wild Cenizo opens with subtle and elegant notes of citrus, papaya, white peach, and white pepper. The palate is bursting with notes of red currant, mango, green melon and fresh herbs. Dixeebe!

Mezcal Origen Raiz

Born from a project between the Saravia family of Durango and Asis & Don Valentin Cortes of Oaxaca, Origen Raiz is a brand that is committed to a holistic path for the future. From grassland restoration at El Ojo Durango to community empowerment at Las Quebradas Durango, to the pursuit of excellence guided by Oaxacan tradition. Origen Raiz delivers this vision via exquisite mezcal and sotol.



Durango, Mexico

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