Winery Sixteen 600

Primitivo Rose 2021

250 ml
With a goal of reducing their environmental impact, Sixteen 600's quest for both radical and incremental changes, led them to the aluminum can. Cans cut down on shipping weight without sacrificing recyclability. Dry farmed, own-rooted Primitivo grown by Cannard Family Farm that results in this delicious, medium-bodied Rose with lovely warm Primitivo berry-fruit and great acidity.

Winery Sixteen 600

If you ask him, Phil Coturri might quote a Levon Helm song and describe himself as a “poor old dirt farmer”. However, after 35 years pioneering organic and biodynamic winegrowing in California, descriptions range from “famed organic viticulturalist” by the Hollywood Reporter to “the ubiquitous wizard of sustainable winemaking” by Sonoma Magazine. He was born with the cultural palate of Italian immigrants, weaned on the music and ethos of San Francisco in the 1960’s and planted deep into the rocky hillsides of Sonoma Valley.


Califorinia, United States

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