Bertoux California Fine Brandy


This California brandy has its roots right here in New York. The blend for this bottle was created as a collaboration between Fort Greene local Thomas Pastuszak of the NoMad, and Jeff Bell of the pioneering cocktail bar PDT. This brandy is specifically designed to shine in classic cocktails, with notes of orange marmalade, candied apricot, nutmeg and honeysuckle.


Bertoux Brandy is led by Jeff Menashe, a wine and spirits entrepreneur on a mission to restore the marquee role in mixology that brandy enjoyed during the first Golden Age of the Cocktail. Menashe tapped experts from the worlds of wine and spirits as consulting master blenders: Jeff Bell (PDT and Legacy Records), one of the country's top craft bartenders, and Thomas Pastuszak (The NoMad), an acclaimed sommelier with intimate knowledge of grapes and winemaking. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Bell and Pastuszak, who share exceptional palates, envisioned Bertoux Brandy's flavor profile and guided the blending process from the barrel to the glass. The result is a brandy that liberates the category from the snifter and puts it back at the center of mixology.


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