Brownstone Malt Whiskey


Distilled from 100% NY-grown barley (malted at Valley Malt in Hadley, MA), double pot stilled and aged in new charred American oak barrels for 6 years. Rich florals with hints of fresh orange, honey and cherry decorate the nose. The mid-palate is dry oak and citrus forward with a hint of brown sugar rounding out the flavor, a long finish with hints of leather, cinnamon and dry vanilla beans. 100 proof. A wonderful gateway into the world of malts, rye and bourbon lovers alike will enjoy the sweeter flavors up against the perfect integration of oak.


Breuckelen Distilling respects tradition, but when it comes to creating craft spirits, they follow our own path. The goal at Breuckelen Distilling is to create delicious spirits that are honestly crafted. Since 2010, they've been milling grain, distilling, aging, and bottling their spirits in Brooklyn. Over time, their recipes have developed again and again as founder Brad Estabrooke discovered which ones tasted best, and this practice has built what Brad believes are unique, easy drinking, and delicious spirits.


Brooklyn, NY

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