Castello Bonomi

Bonomi Franciacorta Brut NV


The Castello Bonomi vineyards are located on the Southern hills of Monte Orfano, which protects it from alpine winds. Here, in the storied lands of Franciacorta, Castello Bonomi has been cultivating the land for decades, slowly but surely setting themselves apart as one of the most important producers in one of the most important locations in Franciacorta. This dry bubbly is a vibrant blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Nero with the bright palate offering ripe apple, lemon zest and a hint of bread crust alongside vigorous bubbles. The Chardonnay gives Franciacorta stability, elegance and personality. The Pinot Nero gives the wine body, character and strength. The beauty of Franciacorta is in its endless versatility. Lush texture, bouncy brightness, and an undeniable prettiness make it perfect for stoop hangs with friends and decadent celebrations alike.

Castello Bonomi

Castello Bonomi is working to harmonize ancient history and tradition with modern viticultural sentiment. On the slopes of Mount Orfano in the south of Franciacorta, Castello Bonomi has been working for decades to honor and cultivate the land. The care and attention are evident in their product which speaks to a new level of quality for the region. 


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