'Boden Funk' Muller-Thurgau 2022

  • Organic
In German, ‘Boden Funk’ can be roughly translated as ‘sound waves’ and is meant to express that the terroir is being transmitted through the roots, into the vines and then finally the grapes. You can almost taste the loess and calcium-rich soils of the sunny Rheinhessen in this organic and unfiltered Muller-Thurgau. The wine sees just about 8 hours of skin-contact and spends five months on the lees, resulting in a mouthwateringly fresh and interesting orange wine the color of beach sand. Notes of fresh herbs, pineapple core, apricot and quince tease the tongue and palate, buoyed by a light, easy going texture and attitude. Try this with potatoes, pierogies, brats, and herbaceous Alpine-style cheeses. 


Rheinhessen, Germany

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