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Babycheeks Rose 2021

Babycheeks rosé offers something different from the typical Oregon rosé blend. Looking for a balance of acidity, fruit, and a hint of tannic grip, Babycheeks is a blend of thicker-skinned, warm-climate varietals: Malbec, Tannat, and Cabernet Franc. This blend from the Applegate and Rogue Valley showcases notes of under ripe strawberry, rose, wet stone, yellow cherry, yellow plum, pink apple all with floral sensibility. Crisp and structured, Babycheeks pairs nicely with anything off of the grill, as well as complementing light courses, and light conversations.

Day Wines

Days Wines’ mission statement is to express the incredible character of Oregon through impeccable raw materials and minimal intervention in the winery. Oregon wine is defined by the remarkable diversity found in the various growing regions spread across the state. At Day Wines they seek and work with growers who are committed to stewardship of the soil through biodynamic and organic practices.



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