Barton & Guestier

B & G Bistro Pinot Noir 2021

750 ml
  • Vegan

In France, the bistro is the perfect mix of a bar and restaurant, an easy, yet elegant place for locals to meet up, relax and have fun. Produced from 100% Pinot Noir grown in Corsica and the Languedoc, this juicy red has all the qualities of a perfect bistro wine: It is simple,
delicious, fun to drink, and pairs well with many foods. Soft and round on the palate, the nose offers intense aromas of Morello cherry, raspberry, and candied plums with toasty vanilla notes, and hints of mocha. Try it with burgers, truffle french fries, salads, and just about any bistro fare. Vegan. 

Barton & Guestier

With almost three centuries of experience in the wine business, Barton & Guestier is the 1st French brand name, known to millions of consumers worldwide. The brand’s expertise guarantees constant quality, vintage after vintage. Present in 130 countries, the Barton & Guestier range represents the wonderful diversity of French wines from the main winegrowing regions: Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône Valley, Languedoc, Gascony and Corsica. With its wide variety of wines, Barton & Guestier enables consumers - from the occasional wine drinker to the connoisseur - to make a journey through France.



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