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Barking Irons Applejack 200ml

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Since America’s earliest days, apples have been prized for their spirit-making qualities. Back then, hard cider was a cleaner alternative to water, but it wasn’t quite strong enough. Through a process known as "jacking," these innovative imbibers created a stronger spirit known as applejack—often called the original American spirit. New York State is not only home to some of the best apples in the country, it’s also home to this 100-proof barrel-aged applejack, which starts with a distillate of Jonagold, Macoun, and Gala apples. Notes of caramel apple, orange peel, and butterscotch notes excite the nose and palate, backed by punchy notes of wood and spice.

Barking Irons

New York produces some of the finest apples in the country—perhaps the world—and every year, Barking Irons Spirits sources from the best varieties in the state to make their products. Distilled in the Finger Lakes and bottled in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Barking Irons' Applejack collection includes both barrel-aged and clear varieties that can be swapped for brown and clear spirits in a variety of traditional cocktails.

What makes Barking Irons gin different? It’s apples and oranges really. Their 88-proof gin is distilled using an apple base blended with neutral spirits and a citrus-forward blend of botanicals including orange peels. Try it in a G&T with an orange twist.


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