Appassimento IGP 2020

750 ml

A blend of 40% Nero di Troia, 30% Primitivo, and 30% Merlot, this wine is a ruby red color in the glass with hints of violet in the reflection. This wine boasts intense aromas of ripe plum, black currant, and delicate spiced notes of cocoa and vanilla. The palate is full and soft with a balance of fruity notes and persistent structure. Enjoy alongside red meats, pasta dishes, and seasoned cheeses.


Caseletti was born from a prolific union between mother earth and the love for tradition. Apulia, a crossroad for people and cultures, unique in its authenticity, shines through every single drop of their wines. Caseletti comes from the fusion of tradition and innovation. A company that is unique for its processing methods and for the creative minds of those who give their best everyday.


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