Ameztoi Txakolina 2021


Getariako is a region in the Basque region of Spain known for creating light, fizzy, low alcohol wines called Txakolina, one of the more interesting, idiosyncratic wines in the world. This particular wine from Ameztoi, a leading producer in the region, demonstrates the unique character of Txakolina. Fizzy and refreshing with a briny, almost salty profile, abundant minerality, and subtle citrus fruits. This is a classic companion to shellfish, particularly shrimp and oysters but it also serves as the ideal aperitif.


Located on a vegetal mantle made of its own vines that fall into the fresh and wild Cantabrian Sea, Ameztoi has been making Txakoli—a wine unique to the Basque region—since 1820. The Ameztoi family has owned the winery for five generations, and is widely known with the nickname "Criquet", symbol of joy, happiness and pride.


Pais Vasco, Spain

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