Liqoure della Sirene

Canto Amaro

  • Organic

Handcrafted with organic botanicals and no artificial ingredients, this all-natural amaro from Verona, Italy, is inspired by the siren love songs from myth. Aromas of Lake Garda lemons, thistle, and gentian enchant the nose while rose berries, vanilla, ginger, sweet and bitter orange, kina, and cinnamon wash across the palate in a wave of flavor. Timut pepper adds hints of passionfruit and pink grapefruit that are beautifully balanced by the silky structure and long finish. Try it alone or in a spritz! 

Liqoure della Sirene

Liquore delle Sirene is a collection of bitters and liqueurs made by Elisa Carta, a trained sommelier, olive oil taster, and a passionate herbalist. She inherited an enormous passion for plants, herbs, and the power of myth from her grandmother Carlina, who taught her techniques for working with botanicals and liqueurs. and transform them into delicious liquors, bitter and amaro. All Liquore delle Sirene products were born on Lake Garda, contain no chemicals or artificial colorants, and were inspired by its gardens, colors, sunsets, and aromas of the land.


Verona, Italy

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