Antica Terra

Coriolis Pinot Noir 2019

750 ml

Wines bottled under the Antica Terra name are the highest expression possible in any vintage. Some of the wine they produce is sometimes in a different world than Antica Terra’s main wines - Ceras, Botanica, and Antikythera - which is then kept to the side and bottled under Coriolis, the name of an inertial force, named after a French scientist in the early 1800’s, who used this mathematical expression in connection with water wheels and meteorology. The profits made from Coriolis are donated to charity, the connection being that like a water wheel harnesses a natural force to generate something more powerful, this wine is their way of turning what they do into a force of contribution to a greater good. This wine boasts ripe and spicy aromas of red berries and plums. The palate is rich and round, with easy charm and drinkability, and notes of sweet black cherries, raspberries, florals, and a hint of toffee and meatiness. Enjoy alongside chicken, mushroom dishes, and potato au gratin. 

Antica Terra


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