Di Giovanna

V.5 Vasca Cinque Rosato Box

3 L
  • Organic
  • Vegan

This is a bold, yet light, refreshing, and flavorful rose from one of Sicily’s oldest winemaking families, the Di Giovanna family. Made from 100% Nero d’Avola, using organic and vegan practices in the vineyard and winery, this wine is ripe and floral on the nose, with notes of raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon on the palate. A great accompaniment to picnic fare, salads, and stoop hangouts with the neighbors. 

Di Giovanna

The Di Giovanna family is one of the oldest wine families in Sicily. Located in the town of Sambuca in western Sicily, the fifth generation family property is managed by brothers Gunther and Klaus Di Giovanna, and their parents, Aurelio and Barbara Di Giovanna, who are still actively involved in both sales and production.

The family property extends for nearly 100 hectares, 65 of which are vineyards, with olive groves, wheat fields, and forest comprising the balance. Soils are a mixture of volcanic tuff, chalk, limestone, and clay. Their wine cellar is nestled in the mountainside of Monte Genuardo, a protected nature reserve. Their wines are classified as IGT Terre Siciliane and DOC Sicilia, and production is focused on native Sicilian vines such as Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Grillo, Catarratto and select international varieties including Chardonnay, Syrah and Merlot. Thoroughly committed to organic practices in their olive groves, vineyards and winery, Di Giovanna offers sustainable wine packaging, keg wine, and lean natural in their winemaking style. Their products are all Certified Organic through Suolo e Salute srl. since 1997


Sicily, Italy

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