Dunder & Syrup Rum

700 ml

Providence Dunder & Syrup represents the second bottling of the Distillerie de Port-au-Prince. Opulent with heady aromas of guava, honey and burnt cane, this rum brings warmth and notes of red fruits, thyme, and smokiness. Finishes long and soft with almond and vegetal notes. The particularity of this rum lies in its elaborateness, based on traditional methods: it is produced from syrup and Crystalline cane juice. The sugar cane comes from Michel Sajous, in Saint-Michel de l'Attalaye. While fermentation is carried out using selected yeasts and dunder from previous distillations, allowing for the development of a particular aromatic complexity. 


Herbert Barbancourt-Linge Jr is the master distiller of Distillerie de Port-au-Prince, which is the newest rum distillery in the Caribbean, having opened in 2018 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He and his family are rediscovering the methods and techniques of his forefather who cofounded and operated Barbancourt Distillery with his brother Dupré until their separation in the mid 1800s. Providence Rums are crafted with respect for the land, the agriculture and the people.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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