‘Mandricardo’ Catarratto 2020

750 ml

Boasting aromas of passionflower, marine herbs, and golden fruit, this Sicilian white tastes like pure sunshine by the sea. Its mouthwatering minerality makes it the perfect accompaniment with roasted veggies, grilled fish, and spaghetti with clams. The beautiful label is inspired by Mandricardo, a character in the Silicilan epic “Orlando Furioso."


Born from a partnership between Cantina Orsogna cooperative and BioGaia, a biodynamic Sicilian farmer collective, LunaGaia focuses on varietals indigenous to Sicily, made from a well-suited terroir and grown with respect to the environment thanks to biodynamic farming. The colorful labels on LunaGaia wines are a visual homage to L'Opera dei Pupi Siciliana, a Sicilian storytelling tradition, and depict scenes from the epic "Orlando Furioso" by Ludovico Ariosto.  


Sicily, Italy

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