Monteverdi Spirits

Nocino della Cristina Walnut Liqueur

375 ml
Nocino (no-CHEE-no) is the traditional walnut liqueur made throughout Italy and Southern Switzerland. Typically made from unripe walnuts, grape brandy or grappa, sugar, and spices. It is the mix of spices, which varies widely from family to family, and village to village, that gives each nocino its unique character. Nocino della Cristina is made of California brandy infused with Napa Valley walnuts and carefully selected spices from Africa, Asia and the Americas. The result is a digestivo with a richness that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and spice. Enjoy as a post-meal treat or as an accompaniment to fruit- and cream-based desserts and cookies. Use liberally to add silkiness and complexity to cocktails and coffee drinks.

Monteverdi Spirits

Monteverdi Spirits is a husband and wife team working to perfect the art of cordial rectifying in the heart of the California wine country. Their main ambition is to create unique and exciting liqueurs that blend the enduring wisdom of the Old World with the creative energy and innovation of the New World. They are dedicated to using only carefully selected, 100% natural ingredients sourced from producers in Africa, Asia and the Americas.


California, United States

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