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Empress 1908 Indigo Gin


You've seen it countless times on social media—now you can experience it for yourself! Handcrafted in small batch copper-pot stills, Empress 1908 Gin is a collaboration between Victoria Distillers and the legendary Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. In addition to more traditional botanicals, the distillery adds a signature blend of black tea served at the Empress Hotel, and butterfly pea blossom, an exotic herb that balances the traditional citrus notes of gin with a warm herbal earthiness, as well as giving it its natural indigo colour that changes with the pH of mixers. Acidic mixers will turn the gin purple, almost pink at the lowest pH levels; conversely, alkaline mixers like coconut water will bring it back to a sapphire blue. Empress 1908’s combination of exquisite taste, delicate aroma, soft texture, and remarkable presentation provide the perfect base for a new aesthetic of cocktail creation and enjoyment.

Victoria Distillers

For more than 10 years, Victoria Distillers has been producing some of Canada’s finest handmade spirits. Their unique waterfront location in Sidney, British Columbia, houses the copper pot stills that produce our range of spirits—most notably, their award-winning gins.



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