Peter Jakob Kuhn

Kuhn Quartzit Riesling 20

750 ml
This Riesling is elegant, beautifully ripe and refined with a blanched, lasting finish. Flinty minerality is perfectly balanced with ripe fruit, racy acidity and an exuberant nose of lime, green apple and jasmine. Complex and refreshing this Riesling is particularly food friendly, pair with spicy sausage, smoked salmon or lobster, crab dishes or Thai food!

Peter Jakob Kuhn

Situated in the historic Rheingau on the right banks of the river Rhine, the Kühn Estate has been a cornerstone of German wine-making for roughly 230 years and has been passed down through 11 generations. In 2004 they made the decision to achieve a certification as organic and biodynamic winery resulting in a collection of exquisite and well-defined rieslings. The Kuhn philosophy is to leave their wines unmanipulated, letting the force of the grape and their relationship with nature do all the heavy lifting. These are lively wines that reflect the terroir and their own character.


Rheingau, Germany

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