Valdespino Inocente Fino


This Fino must be one of the few wines in Jerez that is still fermented in 600-liter American oak botas, which is an incredible amount of work compared with fermenting tens of thousands of kilos of grapes (or even more) in a big stainless steel tank. This method was so labor intense that it was discontinued in most wineries, as each barrel has its own character which contributes to the complexity of the blend. Furthermore, the bottled wine is on average 8-10 years old. The nose is very complex, showing the effect of the long lees contact: chalk, dried hay, aromatic herbs and salty almonds. The palate is full, but at the same time elegant and balanced, powerful and fine.


Valdespino is a tiny jewel of a winery that dates back to 1264. Their goal is to use all possible resources of the company to make some of the finest, most distinctive and artisanally-produced Sherries available today.


Jerez, Spain

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